Southern Animal Health incorporates Melbourne Bulldog Clinic under the guidance of experienced brachycephalic surgeon Dr Karin Davids.

We have developed this resource due to the lack of understanding of brachycephalic breeds and their specific health concerns by general veterinarians, breeders and dog owners.

As there are so many differing opinions regarding these breeds,  we felt it necessary to explain all the facts to dog owners so that you may have a starting point for what you need to understand if you own one of these incredible breeds, or are considering purchasing or adopting one.

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We have also created a Facebook interactive group:
French Bulldogs of Melbourne Healthy Living.

We encourage you to join this group that allows you to swap day to day stories (these breeds give us so many!), talk to each other about your experiences, organise play dates, as well as obtain professional veterinary advice for any health questions you may have.

We note there are some existing Facebook groups that are unfortunately breeder controlled (although you may not realise it), and censored to opinions that are in the self interests of the breeders controlling those sites. Hence we have established this group to be all inclusive for the benefit of you, the owner.

We welcome contribution from all sources – owners, breeders, show people, and veterinarians. Our aim is to improve the lives of these breeds going forward.


All bulldogs are Brachycephalics (A dog whose muzzle looks like it has been flattened or squashed inwards. Their bottom jaw is disproportionately longer than their upper jaw, and the dog may look as though their lower jaw sticks out).
Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome(otherwise shortened to BOAS): Almost all brachycephalics suffer from this to an extent; it’s just a matter of definition. Most dogs still get through life OK, but they could get through life significantlybetter than just ‘OK’ if the syndrome is identified and corrected between 6-12 months of age. However many other dogs really struggle through life, getting worse as the years go by and potentially developing life threatening concerns.

The Basics

We list the very basics of what the facts are, with far more detailed explanations available of each of these facts.

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