No Charge Bulldog Education Seminars

Unique to Melbourne Bulldog Clinic (MBC), our one on one no charge education seminars run for 30-45 minutes, and are something every new brachcephalic dog owner should be privy to. During these sessions we cover all the health aspects you should understand and consider.

We offer these sessions due to our passion for Bulldogs and to help educate owners, which in turn we believe, will help ensure a change of breeding standards to come. During this session we also explain our long term Less Is Healthier philosophy for both cost savings and a healthier life. This information will assist you to make better choices for your dog, and in turn, help educate other dog owners of their options.

Please feel free to call our clinic and book in for your no charge Bulldog education seminar, especially before you have your dog desexed, so that you can have access to the correct information. From this you can make your own informed decision as to what you want for your dog.