Maggie the Aussie Bulldog

Maggie the Aussie Bulldog

Having owned Bulldogs for many years I was well versed in the challenges they face with respect to their breathing. My breeder provided some general health information but wasn’t overly specific about having her assessed at a young age to see what the situation was with her airways.  I wasn’t aware preventative measures were possible.

I noticed my dogs breathing had changed at about 18 months of age and I started to pay attention to discussions on social media about this topic specifically. Her breathing had become more labored, she would regularly regurgitate and she wasn’t able to walk as far or play as long.

I came across Dr Marcus in an online forum and contacted him for a quick discussion.  He made me aware of the opportunity through SAH for a 30 minute consultation to have my dog assessed and to discuss whether she would be suitable for preventative surgery.

The free consultation process was invaluable.   Although it would have been better to have had her assessed at a much earlier age, I decided to proceed with some surgery.  Turns out she was lucky and only at stage 1!  I was glad I had made the decision as now her condition wouldn’t deteriorate further.

Had I not become aware of SAH and what they offer Bulldog owners, I would never have thought to have her reviewed.  I am so pleased that with their expert help, I have improved her quality of life.

Education is the key – I highly recommend the team at SAH.  Get your young dogs assessed so you know exactly what you are dealing with.  It is only with all the information you can make an informed decision and improve their lives.

Emma & Maggie (who is still doing excellently!)

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