Soft Palate Surgery Testimonial

Soft Palate Surgery Testimonial

Soft Palate Surgery Testimonial

Roxy has been a patient of Southern Animal Health (SAH) and Dingley Veterinary Clinic since she was 8 weeks old. Roxy is now 6 and being a Pug cross, over the last couple of years she has progressively had trouble with her breathing.

Approximately 12 months ago at her annual checkup, the vet suggested I consider having her breathing issues addressed. Roxy presented with Brachycephalic symptoms. She was having a lot of trouble with the things we just take for granted. She could not walk a long distance and she could not get enough air into her lungs. She was very lethargic and really did not show much interest in exercise at all. Roxy also snored so loud at times it actually sounded like a human.

The team at SAH explained the process to address these issues. Opening up her nasal passage and shortening her soft pallet. I’ll be honest, the procedure and all that was involved scared me greatly and it took me a good while to decide to have the issue fixed. But the thought of her continuing to struggle was not an option anymore.

Roxy underwent surgery this month (February 2018) and the results are incredible. The moment I collected her from the clinic I could not believe how quiet she was in relation to her breathing. Before surgery she would sound super raspy. Now, she was breathing normally!!!

The first few days after the surgery she was a little tender when drinking and eating but the change has been nothing short of amazing. She no longer snores at all, is breathing just like any normal dog and is starting to show more interest in wanting to exercise.

All the team at Southern Animal Health have been incredible. They understood my concerns and fears, were very eager to answer any question I had and kept me informed of Roxy’s progress through the whole procedure. Dr Karen who performed the surgery called me immediately after she was done and explained everything she found in a way I could understand for which I am truly thankful for.

If I can recommend to any other owner of a beloved fur baby who happens to present with symptoms such as Brachycephalic, definitely consider having the procedure done. The results speak for themselves. Also to any owners who have breeds in which this is common, like Pugs and Bulldogs, then take the advice of your professionals. Have the preventive procedure done at de-sexing. It will mean your fur baby will not suffer as they get older.

To Marcus, Karen all the Vets and nurses who have cared for Roxy not only through this procedure but from the age of 8 weeks, I truly thank you for all you do. Your dedication to our beloved fur babies is second to none. Seeing that you all are constantly striving to keep up with the latest information gives me peace of mind that Roxy is in the best hands at all times.

Thank you and keep doing what you do. 🐶😊

Michelle Matthews


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