BOAS Testimonials

The following testimonials come directly from our clients. Read about their dogs journeys before they consulted with us and follow their progression through surgery.

Maggie the Aussie Bulldog

Having owned Bulldogs for many years I was well versed in the challenges they face with respect to their breathing. My breeder provided some general health information but wasn’t overly specific about having her assessed at a young age to see what the situation was with her airways.

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Marley the Frenchie’s Story

I wish I had found this vet when I first got Marley so that I could have had the advice on these health issues with these breeds, and had the BOAS operation earlier and perhaps prevented/improved his health issues sooner and saved on a lot of expensive and invasive surgery.

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Harli the Frenchie’s Revision Surgery

Harli is a French Bulldog. She was an energetic puppy who loved playing fetch, chewing her toys and going on walks. She never appeared to have breathing problems but would occasionally regurgitate white foam (especially if she got over-excited). This got worse over time. She would gag when chewing her toys and trying to pick…

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Zena the Bulldogs BOAS Testimonial

I’ll start by admitting that I naively bought Zena when the Bulldogs won the AFL premiership, so I knew nothing of the many health issues that Bulldogs are susceptible to.  Her breathing was laboured at times and she did snore, but it never seemed to be an issue.

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BB’s BOAS Surgery

I would just like to say, we found the whole process of BB’s assessment and your advice to have BOAS done at the same time as de-sexing, right through to surgery, a positive experience with an excellent outcome. Thank you.

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Bonnie the British Bulldog BOAS

Our little British Bulldog is turning two in August and when we first looked at buying a purebred puppy, the search was more on reputable breeders. A great breeder was found and Bonnie the Bullie joined the family. When researching this breed we knew that there was issues around breathing and it could potentially be…

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Woody The Boston Terriers BOAS Surgery

I contacted the very competent staff at SAH and told them about my six year old Woody. I was then called back by Dr. Marcus Hayes and the level of care, information and professionalism was amazing, and unfortunately, not readily available in the pet industry.

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Clyde The French Bulldog BOAS Surgery

We adopted Clyde in January 2018, he was five years old when we welcomed him into our home and hearts. Being a French Bulldog we knew the heat would be an issue for Clyde, but we noticed Clyde struggled with his daily walks and even in mild weather, his breathing was strained. He sounded like…

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Soft Palate Surgery Testimonial

Roxy has been a patient of Southern Animal Health (SAH) and Dingley Veterinary Clinic since she was 8 weeks old. Roxy is now 6 and being a Pug cross, over the last couple of years she has progressively had trouble with her breathing. Approximately 12 months ago at her annual checkup, the vet suggested I…

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