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So often, pets are lost, stolen, or simply find a way to escape. So long as they are microchipped, you will be contacted almost immediately.

As a veterinary clinic, we quite frequently have people bring lost pets in to us. If the animal is found to have a microchip, you will hear from us immediately however if it doesn’t; they are collected by the local council ranger and taken to the pound. This can result in exorbitant discharge costs – if and when you eventually find them. Not only does the Victorian State Government legislation require all cats and dogs to be microchipped prior to registration, microchipping your pet is the most effective way to identify them and assist veterinary clinics, animal shelters and councils to re-unite you with them.

A microchip is a form of electronic identification via a small RFID device (Radio Frequency Identification Device – about the size of a grain of rice), that is implanted by a sterile implantation device just under the skin and between the shoulder blades at the back of your pet’s neck.

Each chip contains a unique number that is detected using a microchip scanner.

The microchip number is then recorded on a database registry with details about the animal and owner, and these are obtained from you before you leave SAH. Should your pet stray or become lost, vets, animal shelters and local councils can scan your pet for a microchip and contact you via the database.

The pet identification service we use at SAH is the National Pet Register. It is very important that you keep your contact details current and up to date on their database so that you will still be contactable in the event of your pet becoming lost/stray.

If your pet is transferred to a new owner, the new owner must ensure their contact details are recorded on the database the pet was registered on.

Reasons a pet may stray:

  • Hole under the fence
  • Unsecured gate
  • Let out accidentally (or deliberately)
  • Lost collar and/or tags
  • Theft

The benefits of microchipping your pet include:

  • Reduced registration fees
  • Permanent identification for the life of the pet
  • Proof the animal belongs to you
  • Unlike a collar and tags, a microchip cannot fall off
  • It is an easy procedure – one quick injection just under the animal’s skin by a veterinarian
  • Peace of mind – as all impounded pets are scanned for microchips
  • Finding your pet safe and sound!

Please have your pet microchipped. You’ll never regret doing it, but if your pet becomes lost, you’ll always regret that you didn’t!


Helpful Links to Update Your Microchip Registration Details:

  • www.petaddress.com.au is an independent site linked to all of the seven animal microchip registries, and has the ability to search them and advise you on which registry your pet is registered with. You will then be provided with a direct link to that registry to make any necessary changes.
  • www.petregister.com.au
  • www.car.com.au


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