October 14, 2019


by: Ciderhouse


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Harli the Frenchie’s Revision Surgery

Harli is a French Bulldog. She was an energetic puppy who loved playing fetch, chewing her toys and going on walks. She never appeared to have breathing problems but would occasionally regurgitate white foam (especially if she got over-excited). This got worse over time. She would gag when chewing her toys and trying to pick up her ball.

When she was two years old we got a referral to a specialist for BOAS surgery as she also had stenotic nares and made a whistling noise when she slept. Unfortunately, after the surgery she got worse – to the point where she was so congested she couldn’t do anything without regurgitating. The Vet could only suggest we take her to one of the Veterinary Hospitals for a scope, but after her previous experience, I would only put her through that if I found one that could actually do something to help her.

Then we found Dr Marcus Hayes and Southern Animal Health on Facebook. It was the answer to my prayers! Marcus knew exactly what I was talking about and after speaking to him and reading all the relevant information on the SAH website, Harli went there for revised BOAS surgery performed by Dr Karin Davids who is the Brachycephalic expert I was looking for. She had her soft palate shortened again and also thinned, and her nares re-done. She now has no regurgitation, is breathing so much better and can play with her toys again without choking and coughing up white foam. I just wish I had found SAH earlier as Harli is now 3 years old and has stage 2 laryngeal collapse (which cannot be fixed, but could have been prevented if she had the surgery earlier).

I cannot recommend the team at Southern Animal Health enough for looking after your French Bulldog or Brachycephalic breed dog. The website is the most informative I have found. I have spent around $6,000 on BOAS problems alone which could have been prevented. My advice is DO NOT WAIT! Have your dog checked out before any breathing or related problems arise – they suggest between 6 and 12 months old.

Regards Julee