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SAH supports numerous animal welfare associations involved in the extremely important work of looking after and finding homes for unwanted cats and dogs. We not only perform all the required veterinary care these animals need for no profit, but we go out of our way to ensure the best service and is on hand for the wonderful foster carers who dedicate their time and effort to this noble cause.

As such, we are proud to be associated with the following animal welfare associations and re-homing groups:

We urge anyone wanting a new pet to consider a rescue pet (canine or feline) from any of these of these wonderful groups. They would be more than happy to discuss any of your questions or concerns and you may even decide to become a foster carer!

As veterinarians, we often find that adopted pets make incredibly loyal and loving companions – even more so than usual. We can’t help but think that the pets who have had a rough start to life really do appreciate a loving forever home when they find one.

Adopting one of these wonderful animals will reward more than you may know pet adoption means you not only get a loving and loyal companion, but you also become part of a growing movement of pet lovers who are working hard towards making adoption the first choice for all Australians.

If your foster pet is in need of a surgical procedure, please ensure you fill out our Foster Animal Admission Profile form and bring it into us the morning of the scheduled procedure. This ensures that we have access to the relevant medical history we require in order to provide the highest level of care that your foster baby deserves.