October 30, 2018


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Toxic Food and Plants For Your Pet

Pet ToxinsIn everyday households, there are several common foods and plants that can cause mild to severe reactions and even death in some circumstances to your pet. This is our comprehensive list of household items to be careful and aware of:

PawBullet Alcohol
PawBullet Chocolate
PawBullet Coffee and Caffeine (Including Pods, Beans, Grounds & Tea Bags)
PawBullet Citrus
PawBullet Avocado
PawBullet Fat Trimmings and Cooked Bones
PawBullet Grapes, Raisins and Sultanas
PawBullet Nuts
PawBullet Milk & milk based products
PawBullet Corn on the cob
PawBullet Mouldy foods/bin scraps
PawBullet Onions, Garlic, Chives
PawBullet Mushrooms
PawBullet Salt
PawBullet Xylitol (Found in chewing gum, lollies & toothpaste)
PawBullet Yeast Dough
PawBullet Milk and Other Dairy Products
PawBullet Seeds & pits from Persimmons, Peaches, and Plums
PawBullet Lemongrass Essential Oil
PawBullet Oven Cleaners and Automatic Dishwasher Detergents
PawBullet Sugary Foods and Drinks
PawBullet Lilium species such as Easter lilies, Tiger lilies, Asiatic and Oriental lilies
PawBullet Yucca Plant
PawBullet Your Medicine


Dog_Phone_shutterstock_254922814 (2)If your pet has ingested any of these foods, medications or plants, call us immediately for advice – 9584 6100.

The sooner you give us a call the better so that we can treat your pet if necessary. It helps us if you can tell us the quantity ingested and how long ago the ingestion occurred.